Our New Digital Online Services

We are pleased to announce that our Digital Online Auscultation Training Courses are now live on our website!

We also have online patient advice to support people during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

Additionally, we are also excited to offer our new Live Online Support Sessions for all your respiratory training or support needs. This can be as simple as a one to one discussion about an individual patient with a Specialist Respiratory Practitioner to large group training sessions with one of our Senior Clinical Educators and anything in between.

During the Covid-19 crisis we did not want to reduce our training capacity and therefore let our trainees and their patients down. As a result, we chose to invest heavily in developing our online training courses, so that we could continue to meet the needs of our users. We believe this will allow us to continue to offer effective training for everyone regardless of potential future lockdown procedures.

By using multiple assessment methods, we can continue to offer high-quality training that has come to be expected from our trainers at RespiriCare Ltd. By using a combination of guided practical videos, self-directed learning, face to face online assessments and support sessions we can offer you the support and direction that you need to achieve your training goals. Our new Live Online Support Sessions are particularly useful for providing both individual and group support sessions.

Being at the forefront of respiratory care, RespiriCare Ltd are always looking for innovative ways of working but we insist on maintaining the safety of both our patients and trainees. Our online courses aim to match the high-quality learning experience that we have developed and expect over the years. By providing our courses online and by using live online sessions with a qualified respiratory practitioner, we have reduced the exposure of our clients to not only Covid-19 but also other communicable diseases, helping to reduce the stress on an already overloaded NHS.

We are aware that people learn at different rates, so our online courses are flexible allowing you to work at your own pace. This allows for a better life-work balance as you can undertake the training when it is most suitable for you and repeat weak areas as many times as needed.

We also recognise that our users are not only hardworking individuals, but that time is precious to you. In addition, by reducing the need to travel to a training facility, which are often hard to obtain and even harder to park at, we are all assisting in reducing our combined carbon footprint which helps to reduce the effect of unnecessary travel on our planet. This reduction in needless travel allows you to reallocate this time to more meaningful activity, making your educational training less stressful. The cost savings are obvious to both the individual and their organisation, and this is reflected in our pricing scheme, so we can offer our courses at below the industry average for an equivalent course.

We hope that you enjoy this new way of working as much as we have done creating it and look forward to welcoming you on one of our courses soon. If you have any suggestions on possible future courses or any queries then please do not hesitate to contact us at Info@respiricare.com.

RespiriCare Ltd
Digital Online Services Team